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Pet Portraits

Working with the client to recreate their furry family member is always an exciting exercise in artistic expression. It is worth the time and dedication to get the whiskers and the glint in the eyes just right, especially when it's a memorial portrait of a beloved four-legged friend. Collaborating with a client is an honour and one of my favourite methods of creating the most unique paintings. My hope is that these commissioned paintings are passed along for generations. 

Pet portrait rates typically range from $5-6 CAD per square inch depending on the complexity of the image (head vs whole body, background etc.). This would mean common sizes like an 8x10-inch portrait would be $400.00, a 9x12in would be $540.00, and a 12x16in would be $960.00. Commissions can come in all shapes and sizes and we can offer payments in installments. 
If you are interested in commissioning a painting, I invite you to contact me to discuss the possibilities. 

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